Sunday, April 29, 2012


  In memory of Sam (Kamuela) is a quilt made for a dear friend in Hawaii.  Sam passed peacefully at home on the Big Island this year.
Sam - Sharon's Photo
  The quilt uses a photo (taken by Sharon) and printed onto white cotton treated with digital ground clear (Golden) to enhance print quality.  Sam's photo was manipulated in Photshop Elements to give a painterly effect.  I fused purple tulle and black organza silk to make the hat and shirt.  To continue the painted elements of the quilt, the background was quilted and then painted with Lumiere pearlescent blues (brand: Jacquard).  The flowers for the lei are fussy cut, fused and dot glued to hold until they can be sewn onto the quilt. I was planning to add beads to the lei, but the flowers seem to stand on their own.
  Next I will finish the quilt by hand quilting in the boarders.

Sam ~ 2012
Sam _ Detail

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Enchantment (Sunny Flower and Friends)

  Enchantment was originally called Sunny Flower and Friends.  This title did not seem to fit the magic I found in the piece.  Well, here it is in it's final version.  A wider boarder was added along with crystals and some beads.
Enchantment 2012
Enchantment - Detail
Enchantment - Detail
The inspiration for this quilt came from a hand painted greeting card of an intertwining sun flower and iris. The quilt is designed to be enchanted and whimsical. It depicts an imagined sun flower species spied by an enchanted frog. When I create a quilt my goals are to draw the viewer into the work with high contrast and color and then keep the interest through creative detail.
 This is an original design.

Basic Colors: Beige, orange, yellow, brown, white, green, blue and purple.
Techniques: Machine applique, fussy cut, fused pieces, machine quilted, free motion quilted, hand stitched.
Materials: Commercial fabrics, tulle, pearl cotton yarn, cotton and poly threads.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Windows of a sort ...

I was going through some of my photographs and noticed several images taken, the eye of the camera seeing through them.  The three pictures I want to share are all of windows, very similar in function, but very different in style.  Take a look.  I hope you enjoy.

Rhyolite - a ghost town in Nye County, NV
Native American Ruins
Guestroom view in Hume, Virginia