Monday, July 16, 2012

Luke - Color Study in Portrait

  Yes, I have not posted for over two weeks now.  Time is passing and I have done every other thing than spend time in the studio.  After taking the color class with Hollis in June, I have been poring over books about color theory. 
  This next piece started with a holiday card of the subject, Luke, the grandson of a friend.  I placed the image into photo shop elements, creating a gray scale and four color way prints from the original.
  The four color way used complementary colors of blue (2 shades, dark and light), red/orange and yellow.  I then found four pieces of fabric from my stash that closely matched the chosen palette.
Photo of Luke
Photoshop Elements Print - 4 color

The Quilt of Luke is small, about 8 by 10 inches.  It is a sketch from which I will make a larger quilt.  I like the composition and will experiment with a different color palette.  The next step: explore how to quilt the image.
4 Color Quilt