Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exploring Needle Felting by Hand

The fun of needle felting is the opportunity to use the beautiful colors available in wool roving. The process is accomplished by using felting needles to secure natural fibers to each other. I have been experimenting with wool felt, wool roving, yarns, organza silk and cotton.  Below are some of my results.  Each piece is small and easy to complete in a day, leaving time to conduct further explorations.  Each piece is approximately 10 by 7 inches. 

Design and finished piece:
Wool felt pieces layered in design
Completed Abstract 1 ~

Completed Exercises in Felt and Stitch:
Abstract 2

Abstract 3
Passion Flowers 1
Roving Background

I am experimenting with the process, the materials, and the order in which they are applied.  Part of the process includes washing the fibers at different steps in the layering of materials. The outcomes are subtle, but rewarding and interesting. The final layers created are quite wonderful.