Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning Illustrator Software ~ Spiral Fantasy

   I am back at class this Spring Semester taking a Digital Imaging class using Illustrator CS6.  The class isn't just about learning software.  The class focus is on creating art.  So all the theory, techniques and skills come together with a new tool ... digital imaging.  While the software learning curve is steep, I am beginning to see how I can apply this technology to my work.
Spiral Fantasy 1
Spiral Fantasy 2
    Our first assignment was to create a Fantasy Landscape.  I imported a scanned image of an original piece of work. Within Illustrator, I then reworked the image changing color and some texture.  Being challenged to push beyond what I know is a source of inspiration.
Spiral Fantasy 2 ~ Red
   On "Fantasy 2" Redo more blue was added to the inner circle.  With the addition the piece seems to have greater movement and dimension.  Amazing how a small adjustment can change the direction of a piece.  I am now loving Illustrator!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kitchen Remodel

Gee, where does the time go?  We finally completed our kitchen remodel.  I have to admit that my husband is the designer on this one.  He has a eye for color combinations and how they come together in a physical space.  My one request was for more light. In total the kitchen has 15 overhead lights and rows of LEDs under the counter.  With the wish for more light granted, the dining area off the kitchen is now my favorite place to sew.

Kitchen View from Dining area
Family Room looking into Kitchen
 I am taking a digital imaging class at the community college ... the learning curve on the software, illustrator, is high.  But going over on weekends to use the lab means less students ... I figure a few hours a day and I will soon have it down.

A few friends and I are going to St. George in March to take a long arm quilting and painting on fabric one day class.  It should be fun and is taught by a gal who is known nationally for her quilting/stitching.  It was so close to home I could not resist.

Detail of Reworked Piece
 I continue to work on the transferring photos to fabric method.  The current challenge is to go bigger.  I love the color achieved with the transfer.  Stitching each piece is what I enjoy most.