Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celebration Fiber Art Quilt ~ Richard's 50th Birthday

This quilt was designed to celebrate a 50th birthday. The challenge was to combine the old with the current into a contemporary art quilt design. An other issue to consider was creating fiber art that is inclusive of photographs without the photographic medium becoming the dominate element of the work.

The father-son bond is a very special relationship. I wanted to focus upon that relationship in this piece.  Photos of Richard when he was a child as well as pictures of him and his own son were provided.  A Christmas card photo of Richard's son was scanned and transferred into Photoshop where several color ways were explored and a variety size patterns were made.  Three appliques pieces were then constructed. One of my favorite photos was a picture of Richard as a young boy on a pony.  I used a repeat of the photo to create interior borders. Current and past photos where incorporated throughout the quilt.

Construction incorporated raw edge applique methods, photo transfer onto fabric, piecing and free motion quilting.

Photos provided and altered for the piece:

Christmas Card Photo
Young Richard

Richard's Art Quilt:

23 by 41 inches

 Details of Portraitures:
Raw Edge 3 Color

Raw Edge Multi Color

Raw Edge - Five Layers

More Details by sections:
Sections 2 and 3 Detail
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Section 1 Detail