Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Desert Quilter's 2018 Annual Quilt Show

Our local guild, the Desert Quilter's of Nevada hosted their annual quilt show in Henderson, NV on March 29, 20, and 31, 2018.  Lots of work goes into the show. The annual event is an opportunity to join friends and meet other volunteers helping to bring the show together.  This year I was late in finishing my pieces and had the quick hand and eye of a new friend, Amy, help at the very last minute, last day of entry.  She expertly removed the black basting stitches as I secured the binding onto "Sargasso Sea 2".  The third prize ribbon belongs to the joint effort.  Thank you Amy!

I had two pieces in this year's show, "Madonna" and "Sargasso Sea 2".

Madonna is a piece inspired by two photos.  The first photo was taken of a weather statue and the second photo was taken of graffiti street art in Lisbon, Portugal (2017).  Combining the photos provided a juxtaposition between the two subject matters.  I really liked the result created by the color and value contrasts.

Madonna - 25 by 30 inches
Madonna Boarder Detail - Free motion machine stitched
Sargasso Sea combines the use of hand dyed fabrics (silk, cotton and canvas) and hand stitch.  The back of the piece uses silk organza as a third layer in order for viewer to see the process of the work.

Sargasso Sea 2
Back of Sargasso Sea 2
Detail of Sargasso Sea 2
While both pieces utilized entirely different techniques and construction methods, I enjoyed the process of creating both.  As with all my art, the joy is in the creation.

Thanks for visiting!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Digital Printing on Fabric with Jeana Eve Klein

A shout out and many thanks to the Nevada Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts for hosting a two day workshop with Jeana Klein.  The artist taught digital printing on recycled fabrics.  Her work was also on display at the Charleston Heights Gallery in Las Vegas, NV. 

The mediums used to prepare the fabric surfaces for printing were Golden Regular Gel Matte, Golden Gesso, and Ink Aid.   The printer used was Epson Stylus C88, an economical printer that uses archival inks.

Photoshop software processed selected images to print.  Jeana demonstrated a fool proof method for breaking down larger images into printable blocks.

The results were fun and the process leaves me with more ideas for experimentation.  The process gives a painterly effect to the fabric which I love, speaking to my current exploration of paint and hand stitch on textiles.

I love the results !!! Take and look below for details and the final pieced piece.

Jeana Eve Klein - Artist, Instructor
Printed pieces on prepared cotton
Sample, 5 x 5 inches printed cotton block

Pieced Back - Fabrics used

Pieced Front - Fabric Print

Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy 2018 ... A Year in Prospective for 2017

In 2017 four of my pieces were shown in galleries across the west coast.  I am blessed in the recognition and happy to share what I love with the world.  A year in review follows ...

Oysterville, Then and Now joined a group of quilts displayed at various venues in the Long Beach, Washington area.  The grouping was sponsored by the Peninsula Quilt Guild.

Enso 2 was shown at the Harrington Gallery in Pleasanton, CA in a juried group exhibition for the SAQA Northern California and Nevada Region.

Saragossa Sea was on exhibit in the Chandler Arts Gallery in the juried group show, As Near to the Edge as I Can Go, Art Quilts XXII.  This was the third year that my work has been shown.  I am as always thankful for the opportunity. 

Colors showing panels of individual pieces which were created by members of the local Art Quilts group was displayed at the Sahara Library in Las Vegas, NV.  Two of my pieces were included in the panels.
Top left
Fourth down, third across
In addition to fiber work, I usually take an art class each semester at the community college.  The results are always rewarding.  No matter what the medium, the process of creating art transfers to all things fiber.  I took an oil painting class and was challenged by the medium and inspired by my peers.  I also jumped into a bit of encaustic work.  This is definitely a process I want to pursue.  It is just way too much fun!

Community College Campus ~ Oil
Mountain Scape ~ Encaustic
2017 was a great year.  Looking back, what is consistent in the textile work is the use of hand stitch.   Hand stitching is a labor of love as I appreciate the textures, colors and the mark of the artist that the stitch creates. While hand stitching is not new to me, I feel more and more confident in it's application.  I am looking forward to see what 2018 brings.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery ~ Exhibition Opening ~ 2017

Attending the opening of Art Quilts XXII in Chandler, Arizona on November 17, 2017 was so much fun. I am honored to be in a group show with so many accomplished artists. I enjoyed meeting some of them.   The opening evening provided time to interact and to learn how and why the artists created what they did for the exhibition. The curator of the show, Sandra Branjord, was candid about her process of selecting the art.  From her, I learned that the detail shots are equally important as the overall shots of a piece when submitting an entry. 

While the process of doing the work is the first and foremost motivator, feedback about a finished piece is an added bonus.  Watching attendees view and comment was a highlight of the evening for me. 

If you are in Phoenix over the holidays, it is well worth a trip to visit “As Near to the Edge as I Can Go” at the Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery, Chandler, AZ from November 17, 2017 – January 5, 2018.

Photos taken at the opening event:
On Dahlias by Conley
Dahlias Detail

Heliophobia by Lastles

Viewer of Sargasso Sea


Attitude Adjustment Miller
Opening Eve

Monday, November 13, 2017

ART QUILT XXII: As Near to the Edge as I Can Go

The Chandler Center for the Arts Vision Gallery hosts an annual (22 years now) art quilt exhibition.  This year my piece, Wide Sargasso Sea, is featured on the exhibition post card.  Indeed this is a great honor as the art is among 22 other multi-media textile pieces that are juried into to the prestigious show.

Vision Gallery - Postcard 2017

The textile piece was inspired by a book called The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. The Sargasso Sea is known for it’s aqua blue waters and golden Sargasso kelp. The color palette was chosen to reflect those vivid colors of the region. Each panel was created to mimic the tidal movements of the sea and to mimic the currents of the ocean. The panels are interconnected through the basic design element of line which was emphasized by applying paint and hand stitch.
When I composed this piece I was drawn to experimenting with the nature of dying and over dying fabric.  I used the circle as a repetitive motif throughout and within the corresponding panels.  I also experimented with paint to highlight patterns created by the dyed resist.  Hand stitch was added to echo the painted imprints. In the largest panel, different size and type threads were used to convey the fluidity of water.

Techniques: Hand dying of textiles, fabric painted, machine constructed and hand stitched texture.