Friday, June 29, 2012

Hollis Chatelain' Color Class

By looking at recent blogs, you'll see photographs instead of textile art work.  What have I been doing? I just returned from a 10 year master's art class I am taking from Award Winning Quilt Artist Hollis Chatelain. I have taken three of her courses, dyeing, use of thread, and composition and color.  While the class expanded my knowledge of color and design, I was equally inspired by fellow artists.  What a blessing to work with and learn from like minded souls!

Kayla Herrington Jacket Design
Back of Silk Jacket

I am excited about incorporating the lessons and color challenges from the master's color class and am ready to get back into my studio.

Color on White vs Black background
Transparacy - Not quite right, worth reworking:
Looks more like Luminosity

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aircraft ~ Patterns in Light and Texture

While traveling in California we stopped to view the Estrella Warbirds Museum in Paso Robles.  The photos taken are of planes in their original condition without restoration.  The camera captures the amazing patterns in the aircraft structures; interesting to see the differences between the vertical to the horizontal formats.  The photos are full frame.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Northwest

I spent several weeks traveling, taking a five day color class with Hollis Chatelain (more about this in a later blog), and visiting my brother and sister-in-law in the great Northwest.  I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet many people and to reconnect with old friends.

While in Oysterville Washinton, I met a generational family of oyster growers.  Their love and dedication to keeping the bay safe for oyster growth is inspiring. A documentary film describing the Oyster Industry on Willapa Bay, Washington is worth viewing.

Water surrounds and seems to be an essential part of the landscape visually as well as in the hearts of the people who make their living from the land, the sea and the bay.

We hiked and explored Point Disappointment and two light houses.  The weathered structures were great to photograph ~ patterns and shadows of light.

    Click on photos to see enlarged versions.