Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shades of Grey ~ Stitched

In August, yes, last year, the Shades of Grey design was pieced using hand dyed fabrics.  After many months of procrastination and with a deadline for our local quilt show coming due, I stitched. The piece was stitched with approximately twenty different thread colors and four different thread types on a home sewing machine.  The subtle hues of grey, brown, yellow and blue added depth to the shapes.  Three different metallic threads added light to the fiber piece.  A combination of two batting types, wool and silk, were selected for loft and resilience to unintentional fold lines.  I am pleased with the texture and movement created by the stitching.

At the annual Desert Quilters of Nevada 2014 show, Shades of Grey won a first place ribbon in the Art Quilt category.  This year all the Art Quilts were hung together in gallery style.  There were over forty entries and grouping them highlighted the talents of the many artists.

Shades of Grey ~ 21 x 28.5