Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hawaiian Textile in Celebration of Honu

Honu ~ 14 by 14
Honu ~ Detail
Honu is sacred in hawaiian culture.  The once endangered species is now returning.  Visiting hawaii the honu can be spotted sunning on beaches. 
Honu ~ Detail ~ Hand Stitch on Paint

Honu is constructed starting with a hand dyed, mono printed cotton.  The turtles were created following the paint lines.  The found shells, coral and barnickles were added to represent the Hawaiian Islands.  The representation of the mother and baby turtle on her back composition are framed on stabbed stiched silk backing.

The artists of the Big Island of Hawaii are touched by the natural spirit of the island.

Artisan created Wood Bowl

Natural Fungi in Volcano on the Big Island
Aloha !!!