Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Complete ~Enso II

Each day I think about art and about what I am working on and what I want to work on next.  A feeling of accomplishments always comes when a piece is complete.
Detail #2

For our local Quilt Show, the entry deadline provided just the incentive needed to complete a piece I have been designing and stitching since last Fall.  I usually have several things going at once, so extended working periods are not unusual. A finished peice is always rewarding to see.  And the process from idea to completion generates new ideas for new work.

A View is a combination of hand dyed fabrics, eco-prints, mono printing, raw edge applique, machine and hand stitch.  I used 100% wool felt as batting.  This material was easy to hand stitch through and provided a stable, uniform foundation. Once the centered nine patch was created, a boarder was added.  The boarder repeated the design elements of shape and line through enlargement of scale.  A simple binding was turned to the back, creating a smooth edge. I am very happy with all the results!

A View (31 by 33 inches)

Detail #1