The Art of Needle Felting and Stitch

A full day workshop introducing hand needle felting and finishing stitches to create a work of fiber art. Felting techniques and the use of various natural fibers will be explored. Students have the option to choose a pattern (Passion Flower) or to create their own design.

Students will learn various embroidery techniques which can be applied to create definition, texture, highlights and shading to their pieces. Samples of all techniques taught will be displayed as a reference for students.

Class Outline 

1. Needle felting Tools:
- types and sizes
- holders
- replacing needles
2. Felting Mats
- brush
- foam
3. Tool Use and Safety
4. Felt-able Materials
- wool felt, wool and silk roving, wool yarn, organza silk, cheese cloth
5. Practice (two wool pieces, 4 x 5 inches)
- felting wool felt
- making wool felt using wool roving
- mixing roving for color
6. Design or Pattern
- layering for background on wool felt foundation
- design using basic design elements; shape, line, value
7. Class samples and work posted and discussed: review of felting techniques
8. Embroidery Tools
- needle sizes and types
9. Embroidery materials
- Perle cottons, wool threads, rayon threads, wool yarns
10. Adding line to enhance design
11. Class sample posted and work discussed by students

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