Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Barn On Moran Road

 Barn On Moran Road 2010 ~ Quilt
 The quilt was made using only five different fabrics.  Both sides, top and back sides, of the wood grain fabric were used to construct the barn and the barn doors.  Using both sides of the fabric for the wood grain provided two contrasting values (light and dark wood) for my palette. The grass is one piece of commercial fabric, heavily stitched in a vertical direction, using variegated threads to mimic the color of the grass.  I choose the back side of the sky fabric to create a greater sense of perspective by lightening the background and the detail of the sky.

Barn ~ Original Photo
The pattern was draw from the photo to maintain the correct dimensions of the barn.

The quilt was entered into the Annual Mountain  Heirloom Quilt Faire in Murphys, CA.  The quilt won a second place ribbon which is voted by attendees at the show.

The real barn can be found on Moran road which runs between Avery and Arnold, CA.
Barn - detail

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