Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ghost Owl ~ re-worked

  Below is a re-working of a quilt called Ghost Owl.  The owl was outlined in white embroidery thread.  The quilt lacked a focal point which was to be the owl.  While the hand work on the owl is interesting, the lack of contrast caused the owl to fade into oblivion.
  I re-worked the owl by adding bits of painted tightly woven mesh material.  The bits were cut into feather shapes, outlines and shadows then either sewn or fused onto the quilt.  This fabric addition gave the owl more definition and greater texture.
  I knew I was not finished with the piece months ago, but was unsure about what it needed.  So it hung in my closet until the inspiration in shape of a piece of material arrived at my doorstep.  Thank goodness for the divine in the creative process.  There is more to come.
  Click on the photos to see the thread work and added materials in greater detail.

Owl - Original - Detail

Owl - Re-worked - Detail

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