Friday, June 29, 2012

Hollis Chatelain' Color Class

By looking at recent blogs, you'll see photographs instead of textile art work.  What have I been doing? I just returned from a 10 year master's art class I am taking from Award Winning Quilt Artist Hollis Chatelain. I have taken three of her courses, dyeing, use of thread, and composition and color.  While the class expanded my knowledge of color and design, I was equally inspired by fellow artists.  What a blessing to work with and learn from like minded souls!

Kayla Herrington Jacket Design
Back of Silk Jacket

I am excited about incorporating the lessons and color challenges from the master's color class and am ready to get back into my studio.

Color on White vs Black background
Transparacy - Not quite right, worth reworking:
Looks more like Luminosity

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