Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Learning Illustrator Software ~ Spiral Fantasy

   I am back at class this Spring Semester taking a Digital Imaging class using Illustrator CS6.  The class isn't just about learning software.  The class focus is on creating art.  So all the theory, techniques and skills come together with a new tool ... digital imaging.  While the software learning curve is steep, I am beginning to see how I can apply this technology to my work.
Spiral Fantasy 1
Spiral Fantasy 2
    Our first assignment was to create a Fantasy Landscape.  I imported a scanned image of an original piece of work. Within Illustrator, I then reworked the image changing color and some texture.  Being challenged to push beyond what I know is a source of inspiration.
Spiral Fantasy 2 ~ Red
   On "Fantasy 2" Redo more blue was added to the inner circle.  With the addition the piece seems to have greater movement and dimension.  Amazing how a small adjustment can change the direction of a piece.  I am now loving Illustrator!

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