Friday, April 10, 2015

Painting a Barn ... with Thread

I am in the process of designing a quilt for the Portland Oregon quilt show 2015.   The theme for the quilt is anything beach or coastal.  I have several photos of the southern peninsula in Washington state which are sources of inspiration.  Below is a photo of Bard-Heim Dairy barn once located on property in Oysterville where my brother and sister-in-law now reside.  They live on the west side of Willapa Bay, a beautiful area, rich in history.

I used a photo of the Bard-Heim Dairy barn for inspiration in creating a replica on fabric.  The fabric paint used is Jacquard's Dye-na-Flow. The paint results in a water color look on fiber.  The colors are amazingly bright and vibrant even when used on beige muslin. All in all I enjoyed experimenting with this, new to me, product.  Machine stitched thread outlines and adds a bit of color to the painted fabric.  The threads used are cotton 40 and 12 weight.

Barn Door ~ Detail
Barn Post ~ Detail
Barn Top ~ Detail

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