Monday, December 28, 2015

Eco-dying Class with Bette

The Fall season introduced me to Eco-dying which is also known as eco-printing.  The process uses natural materials to create images onto papers and fabrics.  While the results are serendipitous, they images and subtle colors created are usually beautiful as well as unexpected.

After sharing the results with a small art circle, the members wanted to know more.  Going back to my source, a good friend who shared her knowledge, Bette, I presented the idea of teaching a beginning class to the group. A date was chosen, materials gathered, and invitations extended.

Organics materials
Steaming fabric bundles

Results on silk organza

Results on Silk Noil

The process produced a variety of results, depending upon the materials and the dye bath methods  used.

Silk into Iron Dye Bath #1
Silk into Iron Dye Bath #2
Paper into Iron Dye Bath #1

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