Sunday, September 18, 2016

Teaching Needle Felting at the Desert Quilter's of Nevada Annual Retreat

Joy! Joy! Joy! I taught The Art of Needle Felting and Stitch at our annual quilt guild retreat to phenomenal students. The class presented the basic techniques of hand needle felting. Most the students used felted wool for the foundation, while an other student choose silk with a backing of wool felt.  At the class mid-point, the students displayed their work.  Each piece was unique and we discussed the processes used.  At the close of class, the students were ask to share their work and to talk about what they learned. 

Working in a group using similar techniques and materials creates a common thread of understanding.  The synergy of the whole truly benefits the individual.  While some pieces were further along in the process than others, the resulting work was amazing!  Take a look.

Class Art Work

Felt Art 1

Felt Art 2

Felt Art 3

Felt Art 4

Felt Art 6
Felt Art 7

Felt Art 5 on Silk

Felt Art 8

Samples made for class.

Felt Art Landscape

Sample Class Pattern ~ Passion Flower

Sample Abstract

Sample Abstract ~ Felted Only

Sample, felted with eco-dyed silk organza on wool then stitched

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