Saturday, October 15, 2016


Traveling in the northwest part of our country is always a grand pleasure.  Below you will find photos from the journey and a peak at a current textile piece, Mrs., that was started in Cynthia Corbin's class.

Clouds Above Willapa Bay, WA
Bridge Underling
Mushroom in Oysterville, WA

Tidal Waters, Wallapa Bay, WA

Weather Spool, WA

As part of a technique to discover design possibilities, Cynthia asked us to choose a favorite photo and create a design inspired by the lines and shapes we saw.  I selected a woman's face, traced a general outline, then over lapped it with an other outlined photo to break up the predictable face shapes.  Choosing non representative fabrics added to my interest in color play.  Fabrics were fused.  Sheers were used to create shadows over existing shapes.

Mrs. line drawing
Mrs. ~ fabric choices

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