Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sargasso Sea ~ 1st Place at Desert Quilters of Nevada Show

Desert Quilters of Nevada hosted their annual quilt show at the Henderson Convention Center this past weekend. With over 230 entries, the show represents works from their 450 membership. 

Sargasso Sea, my most recent textile art piece, received a first place in it's category, Non-Representational Art Quilt. During judging there was some discussion about the legality of the piece. Did it fit the definition of a quilt, having three layers with stitch through all three?  Recently, I have been putting a layer of organza silk which is somewhat see through of the backside of my fiber art.  This allows the viewer to see the backside of the stitching. In quilting circles this is considered a false back, one that has not been stitched through.  Ultimately, more discussion is needed to define what is an art quilt.  What I know is that it is not a traditional quilt.  Therefore I question the norm of judging it as such.  I hope someday in the near future Art Quilts will be judged as art with a focus on design rather than traditional quilt techniques alone.

Sargasso Sea was inspired by the distinctive color elements found in the Sargasso Sea, the yellow Sargasso kelp and the aqua blue sea. The two panels together measure 36 by 52 inches.  Each panel consists of hand dyed of cotton, linen and silk. Paint and hand stitch emphasized currents found in the sea. The two panels together measure 36 inches wide by 52 inches long.

I love the process of creating and working with fiber, dyes, paint, and stitch. In the beginning of a piece, I usually have a conceptual idea which morphs as the work progresses.  While the work is in process it hangs on a predominant wall in our family room.  Daily viewing helps me determine where more stitch is needed. I love painting and absolutely enjoy hand stitching and using simple stitches to create movement, add texture, and apply more color.    The totality of the process feeds my soul.

Below are more pictures showing the paint and stitch details.  Enjoy !!!

Sargasso Sea - 2017
Selection of Blocks

Stitch detail #1

Stitch detail #2

Stitch detail #3

Stitch detail #4

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