Tuesday, February 7, 2017

More Street Art and City Photos of Lisbon

Of all the photos taken the ones most commented upon were those of the Street Art we happened upon in Lisbon.  The cityhas embraced the work of street artists local and international. The Portuguese capital is now known as one of the cities in the world with the best street art.  Here I present more of the art we happened upon during our daily rambles through the city.  Lost was often the best way to discover the best art.

Trolley Tracts w Street Art


Trolley Detail

Street Art Detail
Love Street Art
Street Art

Art in Front of Pharmacia

Local Doorway

Street Art ~ Mouraia

What I loved about Lisbon was the street art, the light and the architecture. The city is know for it's seven hills.  It seemed that everywhere we went an other view came into view.  We took the tram one afternoon to the end the the line which dropped us off at a hillside cemetery.  From there we walked through residential neighborhoods and parks.  Throughout the city central squares, large and small, provided places for people to gather.  Hole in the wall cafes were around every corner. Simple but fresh daily entries were available as well as coffees and pastries.

View to River
Typical Street
City of Seven Hills

Convent Roof Collapse after Earthquake

City View
Night in Lisbon
Street View

Ever Changing Street Art
Roof Top from Below
Roof Tops from Above
Cemetery Street
Inside a Crypt

Cemetery Cats

Fountain in Park
Restaurant Fare

Cobble Stones with Designs

 I would like to return to Lisbon to take in more of the sights and the air and the light and the food and the people. 

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