Sunday, July 30, 2017

Visiting and Photographing Oysterville, Washington

More traveling in the month of July, brought me to the picturesque hamlet of Oysterville, WA.  I spent two weeks there, one of which I dog sat a large one year old Chessy Bay puppy, Hazel.  Full of energy, I found that several walks a day were in order to keep us both entertained.  Being out at different times of day, I was able to capture the subtle differences of light through the perspective of an iphone camera.  Taking photos calms the mind, requires one to be in the moment, and focus on specific details. The scenery of the Willapa Bay area changes according to the time of day as well as the weather patterns.  During my visit, I took long walks along the bay side streets of Oysterville and enjoyed bike riding miles of extended flat beach on the sea side coastline.

Here are a few of my favorite photos.  By the way, Hazel was a stellar sitter, which allowed me time to capture the subjects I was photographing (most of the time). 

Oysterville Cannery
Willapa Bay Grasses at Sunset

Willapa Bay
Willapa Bay High Tide
Oysterville Graveyard Cross
Willapa Bay Mid-day
Oysterville Graveyard Fence

Window on Red
Window on White
Cannery at Sunset
Oysterville School House
Reflection thru a Window
Weathered Wood Detail
License Plate, Somewhat Weathered ;-)
Day Sky
Sunrise on Willapa Bay
Sunrise in the Mist, Oysterville, WA
White Rose at Dawn

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