Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Making of Enso: From sketch to completion

The design challenge was to use geometric shapes arranged in a pleasing visual array.  The first outline went through several revisions.  The final sketch was printed and color palettes were explored through pencils and water color paint.  Once a final color palette was selected, minor design changes were made. The quilt was constructed using machine applique.  Once pieced, the quilt top was photographed. Optional quilting designs were sketched then selected.  Deciding the final stitching design is the most challenging part of the quilt completion.  The motivating goal is to create movement through the quilt while emphasizing focal points.

1st Version
2nd Version
Selected Version

Pieced Quilt using Final Design
Quilted ~ 44 by 34 inches

The inter 1/4 inch gold boarder was selected to match and repeat the thread quilting color.  The inner boarder stops the eye.  The outer boarder of dark blue mirrors the inner blue fabric while framing the entire quilt.

Enso ~ Detail 1
Enso ~ Detail 2

My best advice is to quilt to the quilt ... all quilting when done best enhances the quilt's design.

So there you have it, a few thoughts about the making of an art quilt.

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