Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Celebration Quilt for Robin

Friendship is the substance that feeds the soul.  My life friend asked me to create a Celebration Art Quilt for her daughter's 50th birthday.  I very seldom take on commission work but was thrilled to move forward with this project.  Carol, my friend, likes the type of work I do and allows me cart blanch in design decisions, a perfect combination of circumstance for any artist.  

The challenge was to create a piece that reflected her daughter's life and the people important to her.  Robin has a beautiful daughter who she has raised on her own. Both are avid animal lovers.  So photos of herself in childhood and adulthood along with family members including her beloved canines were included in the piece.  I used canvas as the background fabric, transferred photos using gel media, stenciled and painted accents, then machine stitched to finish.  The hand dyed boarder was hand stitched to frame the piece with accenting colors and textures.

Happy Birthday Robin!

Celebration Quilt for Robin
Beloved ~ Detail

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