Thursday, March 22, 2012

God's Eye III

  God's Eye III is a quilt I finished for a friend's birthday.  This is a third in a series of three quilts. The colors used are her favorite colors.  So, the real name of the piece should be "Cher's Colores".
  I made this piece from ribbon and cording. To create more depth, the ribbons were sewn onto three different background fabrics, black, blue and shiny mylar (dark, medium, and light values).  The mylar also adds a reflective element to the quilt.
  The fabrics were cut into one inch squares and fused to a backing fabric.  Placement of the squares creates different designs as well as a colorful and textured piece.  Beads and buttons were added for more texture and more color. I used a blue thread to top quilt the piece.  This was a fun project.

Cher's Colores 2012

Detail - click on picture to see enlarged version

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