Saturday, March 24, 2012

High Flight Quilt

High Flight 2012 (17x20 inches)
Detail ~ Fabric & Beads
Detail ~ Tree & River
High Flight is a comissioned piece created for my friend Carol's husband, Joe Hammer, to celebrate his 90th birthday.  "High Flight", one of Joe's favorite poems, was written by Pilot Officer Gillespie who was killed in 1941.

The entire poem and and an article about John Gillespie can be found at the web site:

The quilt is a mixed media fiber piece using painted Tyvek for rocks, puff paint for the tree body, and Angelina  fibers which are incredibly luminescent for the water.  The poem was printed   onto organza silk and then fussed to the quilt top.  Horizontal rows of beads were added to echo the water's movement at the lower boarder of the quilt.

I am sending out the quilt in today's mail.  I do hope Joe likes it !  Aloha.

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