Monday, March 12, 2012

Up, Up and Away Quilt

  Up, Up and Away (Fantasia Adventure) was entered in this year's Desert Quilter's Show.  While it did not receive a ribbon,  it was well received by the attendees.  It's bright colors attracted kids of all ages.
  This quilt was started two years ago.  Piecing the balloon was the first challenge; what to do with the balloon was the second challenge.  I found the commerical panel of the poppies and the trees and added the scene as the foundation for the balloon.  But at that stage everything looked rather ordinary.  So, the third challenge.  I thought it would be interesting to place something in the poppies that one might not usually see.  So, the dolphs swimming were added.  From there, the fish in the sky seemed like an almost natural occurence.  The monkey in the basket just made me smile.
Up, Up, and Away 2010

Up, Up, and Away - Detail
  An other challenge was quilting this quilt on a home machine; that was the last and final challenge.  The clouds were left un-quilted, making them puff out in the heavily quilted sky. 

  If you click on the photos, a larger view of the photo will open in an other screen.  Check out the monkey in the balloon's basket.

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