Saturday, March 3, 2012

God's Eye

The annual Desert Quilter's of Nevada quilt show in this coming week.  I have placed two pieces for auction.  God's Eye is the first in a series using a ribbon construction technique taught to me by my friend Suzanne.

The quilt was made with yarn and silk ribbons sewn in a straight line onto fabric.  The fabric is cut into one inch squares.  The one inch pieces are fused and then appliqued onto a whole cloth creating two inch blocks. Each block is embellished using beads, real pearls, hand made buttons, and fish shaped beads.

Details: The rose in the left corner of the detail photo was made from silk ribbon and embellished with beads in the center. The outer boarder was hand embroidered using Brazilian floss which is a high sheen embroidery thread.

This fiber arts piece was a fun project.  It is a great way to play with color and try new combinations.  Adding texture with the ribbons, yarn and embellishments adds interest to an already pleasing technique.

Auction Update:  The God's Eye quilt did well at the auction.  20% of the proceeds go back to the guild.

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