Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sunny Flower and Friends

Detail of Frog
Sunny Flower in process

  Sunny Flower & Friends was made for a challenge given by the Art Quilters, Etc. circle which meets monthly in Las Vegas, NV.  The challenge was simply "flower".
   I wanted to try a new technique for this challenge and was inspired by quilt artist Susan Carlson.  After watching a segment on the Quilt Show web site and re-reading her book, "Serenity Quilts", I was ready to move forward with a flower design.  The creation of the flower came first.  But the flower alone needed something more, so the frog hopped onto the canvas.  The flower, frog, and background were made using Ms. Carlson's technique of fabric collage.  I used purple tolle over the frog to tone down his color, leaving the flower brighter and the central focus of the quilt.  Each petal was fussy cut to resemble the shape and contour of a flower petal.

1 comment:

  1. Rickie, the quilt is adorable! The flower is bright, cheerful and textured. The frog is a perfect companion for the flower. I absolutely love the collage background, as it adds dimension and interest to the quilt. The dragonflies adds just the right touch. I must see if I own that book, if not I will! Susan Carlson is one of my favorite artist and I am making fish from one of her books.